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This site hosts the online data for the survey of Spitzer infared dark clouds discussed in the paper Peretto & Fuller (2009).

If you make use of this site or data derived from it, please acknowledge this in any work with a reference to Peretto & Fuller 2009, AA, 505, 405.


Links to related papers

The initial conditions of stellar protocluster formation. I. A catalogue of Spitzer dark clouds
Peretto & Fuller 2009, AA, 505, 405 ADS Entry astro-ph preprint
Mapping the column density and dust temperature structure of IRDCs with Herschel
Peretto et al. 2010, AA, 518, 98 ADS Entry astro-ph preprint
A statistical study of the mass and density structure of Infrared Dark Clouds
Peretto & Fuller 2010, ApJ, 723, 555
ADS Entry astro-ph preprint
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